Win-Slay Addams

Call me: Slay

What year did you start playing roller derby?: 2016

What year did you join MARD?: 2016

Why did you get involved in roller derby?: Always been a dream of mine and I finally decided to make my dream a reality!

What skates do you use?: Riedell Solaris 

How has roller derby changed your life?: I have so much more self confidence. I feel better about my life, my body, my health and that pride carries over into my day to day activities. I get to show my daughter what it’s like to empower and be empowered by women and why that’s important. I also just love skating and the endorphins that come from it.

Why did you choose your derby name?: Because I always wanted to be a member of the Addams family.

Day job?: Kitchen Manager.

What is your favorite part of roller derby?: The people!!!

Do you have any bout day routines or superstitions?: I’ve noticed I keep grabbing the same pair of socks every bout day win or lose, I guess they have become a security blanket..

Final thoughts?: Whoever you wanna be in life, be that person.

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