rabid raccoon

Call me: Rabid, Racks

What year did you start playing roller derby?: 2017

What year did you join MARD?: 2017

Why did you get involved in roller derby?: I just moved to the area and was looking to get involved with something outside of farming. I played sports growing up and have always been into anything competitive. Sugar told me about the meet and greet night so I went and have not looked back since!

What skates do you use?: Riddell something.... no idea. I got them because they were in my price range (haha).

How has roller derby changed your life?: I get to hang with some amazing women that inspire me every practice. I am able to forget about farming as soon as I put the skates on. The feeling I get from playing a team sport gives me such a high. I love the camaraderie!

Why did you choose your derby name?: A co-worker once told me that my spirit animal is a raccoon because they are harmless and cute but you dont always want them around and they will go through your trash. After telling that story to a friend he replied "RABID RACCOON", which reminded me of myself on the track. I thought Rabid was very fitting and went with it.

Day job?: Farmer (care for goats, chickens, cows and pigs)

What is your favorite part of roller derby?: The competitiveness and amazing women I play with. Also I love how no matter how good I get at something I can ALWAYS improve. Its never boring.

Do you have any bout day routines or superstitions?: I work a market all day at the farm so the routine is to finish, throw food into my mouth as fast as I can and get to the rink before Bunz (our captain) gets nervous I'm not coming.

Final thoughts?: If someone asked me what I get out of derby, why I put in all the time and money into it.... I would have to say it gives me strength and hope. I feel stronger both physically and mentally after practice. On my worst days when all I see is how much is wrong with the world, I go to derby and see women who are not only breaking stereotypes but are fighting the battle along side me, I am not alone. That gives me hope.

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