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Pixie Sticks

Call me: Pixie

What year did you start playing roller derby?: 2013

What year did you join MARD?: 2013

Why did you get involved in roller derby?: I was looking for speed skating in my area because I used to skate competitively when I was younger. I did not find speed skating but found roller derby and thought I’d give that a shot .

What skates do you use?: I started with Reidell and switched to Bont but really miss my Reidell’s

How has roller derby changed your life?: Roller Derby has made me stronger both physically and mentally. It’s taken me to meet people from all walks of like that I may never have met in my little suburban bubble. I’ve learned to be more gracious and patient

with myself and others and to be a good teammate and leader. I’ve learned to not take myself too seriously and to enjoy the challenge.

Why did you choose your derby name?: Mostly because I have really long legs and I’m pretty nimble.

Day job?: High School Science Teacher

What is your favorite part of roller derby?: The amazing people I’ve meet who teach me to be a better human.

Do you have any bout day routines or superstitions?: I take a shower and listen to the same play list. then I do my makeup to fire me up. Then I get a hug from my derby wife, Sugar. Take a few deep calming breaths and play my heart out.

Final thoughts?: Derby is an amazing space to challenge yourself both mentally and physically. It can build you up or tear you down if you let it. It’s a place for everyone.

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